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Okta joins Splunk’s Adaptive Response Initiative

At Okta, we know automation is essential for CXOs as data and services multiply across the enterprise. Today, we’re excited to join other security leaders as part of Splunk’s Adaptive Response Initiative. As part of the Initiative, we look forward to giving customers the ability to use more complete context...

Unlock the Power of Identity Analytics with Okta and Splunk

A typical enterprise has millions of daily interactions between customers, partners, employees and the cloud and mobile applications, devices and APIs they use. When viewed holistically, these usage events can offer invaluable security and compliance insights into the company’s technology portfolio, but historically this data has been difficult to access....

Splunk: Crawling through the Digital Muck with Okta

Splunk : derived from ‘spelunking’, the hobby or practice of exploring caves.

Splunk envisions an IT world where big data makes sense and does not require any headlamps or helmets to crawl through the digital muck. In this world, data is both valuable and usable and...