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Zero Trust

Zero Trust— the idea that all access to corporate resources should be restricted until the user has proven their identity and access permissions, and the device has passed a security profile check—is a core concept for Okta. For organizations concerned about ease and security of access, the following articles should explain why.

Leading Companies Are Adopting Zero Trust—Here’s How

Let’s go back in time a few years. Businesses operate largely within the boundaries of their office walls, and security networks function under the premise that there are ‘trusted’ internal users, and ‘untrusted’ external ones.

Now, as more employees than ever are accessing their corporate resources remotely, with their...

GitLab Goes All In on Zero Trust to Secure a Fully Remote Workforce

Only a few companies can claim they’re working on solutions so cutting edge that they’re still uncovering new ways their product is useful. GitLab, a complete DevOps platform and lifecycle tool, is one of these companies.

What differentiates GitLab is its guiding philosophy: the company specializes in web-based, open-source...

The Path to Continuous Authentication: Solving the Best of Breed Problem

For years the network perimeter has been the foundation for controlling access to digital resources: kill the network, and the user no longer has access. Today’s cloud-first world has changed that, shifting the security perimeter to users and devices—and as companies continue to adopt best of breed solutions that enable...

What the Jeff Bezos WhatsApp Hack Means for App Security

By now the whole world has heard that Jeff Bezos’s WhatsApp was hacked, leading to the theft, or exfiltration, of gigabytes of personal data. We don’t know what data the hackers stole, as the attackers, once finished with their operation, quickly deleted their tracks, destroying almost all of the...