5 Experiences Security Experts Shouldn’t Miss at Oktane18

Oktane18, Okta’s annual customer conference, is coming up fast, and we’re looking forward to joining our customers and partners in Las Vegas to network and learn from each other. With an amazing lineup of guest and keynote speakers, sessions led by security industry peers, opportunities for training, and a kickass party, there’s something for everyone. And if you live and breathe security, have we got an an exciting security lineup for you this year! Here are 5 experiences we’re excited to bring to the security community at Oktane18.

1. Security-focused Customer Spotlights

Oktane would be nothing without our wonderful customers, and they’re the real stars of our conference. As your peers, they’re here to share their experiences and lessons learned, including lessons on surviving cyberattacks that are not to be missed!

From SRI International’s point of view, organizations need to move past the “hypothetical attack” mindframe now that cyberattacks are a daily reality. Now that the pressure’s on, join CISO Jeff Klaben and IAM Leader Surbhi Tugnawat’s as they share their best practices on leveraging identity and security to keep the attackers out in their “Identity Under Attack” session.

2. Okta’s Security Product Roadmap

Okta is constantly innovating and cooking up new ways to help our customers enable their business securely. This year, we’ve got so much to tell you about, we couldn’t fit in into one session!

Starting with the main stage where we’ll demo the latest and greatest security features, we’ll have several roadmap sessions to share into more details on where we’re headed next. For an overview of what we’ve done this year and what’s in the works, come to our “Okta Security Roadmap” session. Then, for a deeper dive on what we’re focusing on on the adaptive authentication front, join us at our “Security Deep Dive: Adaptive Authentication for Enhanced Security” session to get more specific roadmap plans as well as a demo of Okta security in action.

And since security is cross-product at Okta, join the folks on the Access team to see what’s in store for device context and mobility as they take on the challenge of securing apps while improving flexibility and productivity.

3. Okta on Okta, on Security

As a company offering security products, we’d be remiss if we didn’t eat our own dogfood and help keep our own users and customers secure. Plus, with our vantage point as gatekeeper to so many apps, we have a pretty interesting view on attacker activity. In our “Okta SecOps on Security” session, join Okta’s own security researcher, Cameron Ero, as he leads a session with Motorola Solutions Inc. to detail how Okta protects itself and how you can use Okta features to do the same for your org.

With international offices and customers from around the world, security has definitely gone global. So we’re pretty sure GDPR is also on your mind. It’s been on ours too, which is why Chris Niggel, Okta’s Director of Security and Compliance, and Tim McIntyre, Okta’s Associate General Counsel, will be leading a session on “Keeping Your Data Safe” and showing how Okta can help you meet your GDPR needs.

4. Expanding the Security Ecosystem

Security doesn’t do too well operating in a silo, and that’s why we’re all about taking your security beyond, which incidentally, is also the theme of Oktane18. Whether it’s correlating identity data with other security solutions or integrating Okta with your apps in novel ways, it’s a 1+1=3 scenario when you extend identity data to the rest of your security ecosystem. The way we see it, in today’s borderless business environment, identity also becomes the critical control piece, and identity-driven security is necessarily the modern security framework to follow. Okta and our partners are here to help enable these conversations, so you’ll find a lot of interesting security integrations at Oktane18.

One example of such an integration is our partner session with Optiv titled “Who Can It Be Now?... Identity Centric Security.” Along with a discussion of why organizations should consider an identity centric approach to security, Okta will be showcasing an integrated AWS demo leveraging the combined security benefits of access management, privileged account management, SIEMs, and CASBs.

5. Third Party Security Perspectives

This year, we’ve expanded our Oktane speaker list to include a couple of new areas and perspectives.

You’ve likely heard the term “Zero Trust,” a framework first described by independent research firm Forrester, around the security water cooler, and we’re excited to welcome guest Forrester Principal Analyst Dr. Chase Cunningham as a speaker. Dr. Cunningham will join customer speakers from Funding Circle to discuss successful implementations of Zero Trust.

And for a completely different angle on the threat landscape, Oktane attendees will have the opportunity to get some first-hand intel from a three-letter agency. Supervisory Special Agent Enrique M. Alvarez of the FBI will be leading a session on the agency’s role in cybersecurity and the trends the FBI sees in the attack landscape.

Bonus: President Barack Obama

We know we said we’ll only list 5 things, but we’re also pretty excited to be welcoming 44th President of the United States Barack Obama as one of our keynote speakers. After spending 8 years thinking about security for our entire nation, we’re absolutely certain his insights will be valuable and inspiring for all.

Don’t have a ticket yet? There’s still time to register! Head over to our Oktane18 site to view the full agenda, speaker lineup, and register now. See you in Vegas!