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Oktane18 may be over, but the insights go far beyond it. Here’s your chance to see what you missed.
Learn how security experts tackle today’s most sophisticated threats and compliance needs with identity-driven security tools.

How Phillips 66 Fuels their Cloud Security Practice with IAM + CASB

Srini Gurrapu, Chief Cloud Evangelist & Customer Solutions, McAfee
Kurt Haberstroh, Supervisor of Cyber Security Operations, Phillips 66

As a 100-year-old company, Phillips 66 is leveraging the cloud to accelerate their business and drive competitive advantage for the future. But with stringent security and compliance requirements, they’ve had to build a modern security stack to standardize their IT offerings and protect their data. In this session, Kurt Haberstroh of Phillips 66 and Srini Gurrapu of McAfee, pops the hood and demonstrates how an integrated IAM + CASB approach supports data security requirements around access management and cloud usage for both SaaS and IaaS.

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Customer Spotlight: Identity Under Attack

Jeff Klaben, CISO, Stanford Research Institute
Surbhi Tungnawat, IAM Lead, Stanford Research Institute

Now that the hypothetical cyberattack has evolved into a daily reality, we also need to rethink how we roll-out new security capabilities. In this session, experts from Stanford Research International share best practices to consider during and post deployment to keep attackers at bay. This session highlights evolving attack techniques and corresponding risk management strategies. Learn efficient methods to reduce attack surface during deployment, build critical skills, validate your cloud service implementation, and leverage identity intelligence for threat detection and response.

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Security Deep-Dive: Adaptive Authentication for Enhanced Security

Neha Anand, Group Product Manager, Adaptive Authentication, Okta
Snegha Ramnarayanan, Security Specialist, Okta

Take both your security and user experience to the next level with new Okta security features. See how adaptive features and device context can be used in your organization to enhance security without burdening the end user. In this video, you’ll learn how to implement immediately, and see what’s in store for Okta adaptive authentication in the future.

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Zero-Trust Security for a Cloud-First, Mobile Enterprise

Lisa Lorenzin, Director of Emerging Technologies, Zscaler
Arun DeSouza, CISO, Nexteer Automotive

Legacy on-premise, perimeter-centric security solutions were not designed to efficiently or effectively manage risk for cloud-first enterprises. Okta and Zscaler have combined their purpose-built, multi-tenant clouds to establish a secure foundation that enables enterprises to seamlessly protect user’s internet access to web and cloud resources, and remote access to enterprise applications. Learn more about how these enterprises have simplified operations and increased business agility, without compromising security.

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Keeping Your Data Safe: Identity, Security, and the GDPR

Tim McIntyre, Associate General Counsel, Commercial, Okta
Christopher NIggel, Director of Security, Compliance, Okta

With Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect starting May 25, 2018, companies need to comply with new data privacy standards. Watch this video to hear from two of our experts about Okta's security practices, how our approach to identity management aligns with the GDPR's underlying policy goals, and how your organization can prepare for the new policy by using Okta.

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Your Identity is the Key to the Cloud: Optimizing Identity Access Management in a Cloud-First World

Sean Cordero, Head of Cloud Strategy, Netskope
Steve Zalewski, Chief Security Architect, Levi Strauss

Okta customers are, first and foremost, concerned about maintaining appropriate identity and access management policies. Many businesses have enabled cloud services for their employees to be more productive, but simultaneously must also stay a step ahead of the many security challenges that the cloud presents. In this session, attendees learn how to maintain access controls for unmanaged devices to ensure that sensitive corporate data does not fall into the wrong hands. Steve Zalewski, Chief Security Architect from Levi Strauss, and Sean Cordero, Head of Cloud Strategy from Netskope, share best practices for enabling the cloud while ensuring appropriate device access control.

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The Evolution of Zero Trust: Next Gen Access

Dr. Chase Cunningham, Principal Analyst, Forrester
Ayotunde Obasanya, Head of Infrastructure, Funding Circle
Nick Fisher, Group Product Marketing Manager, Okta

As breaches fill the headlines, more organizations are adopting a zero trust security model with the key principle of "never trust, always verify." In this session, Forrester's Principal Analyst Dr. Chase Cunningham, Funding Circle’s head of infrastructure Ayotunde Obasanya, and Okta’s own Nick Fisher, discuss how companies today are having success taking a zero trust-approach to security to enhance security posture with less complexity than network-based solutions.

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Code42: Accelerating Collaborative Incident Response

Mark Hubbard, Senior Product Manager, Code42

As organizations progress on their digital transformation into the cloud, they have to shift their information security approach from hoping for perfect prevention to building a continuously adaptive security posture. The most successful companies will focus on how fast they can collaborate on, respond to, and recover from inevitable breaches. Watch this session to learn how to improve coordination and bring unprecedented visibility to IT, legal, and security teams.

"We have been able to deploy more than 120,000 users across 60 countries in less than six months. Our partnership with Okta was essential to get that done." - Claude Pierre, Deputy Group CIO, ENGIE Group

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First Impressions Last: Improving the Activation Experience Through Okta API's

Aaron Finnis, Chief Information Security Officer, Flinders University
Jan-Marie Davies, Solutions Architect, Flinders University

First impressions last. This is perhaps the most true when it comes to accessing online services. As an organization, you only have one chance to get it right. Flinders University in South Australia recently moved to Okta, streamlining their student activation process, and enabling rapid onboarding of 6000+ commencing students per annum. Using the same approach, the university was able to migrate its 38,000+ users to Okta with 0.1% support calls. Against the backdrop of these improvements, this presentation explores how Flinders University built a successful custom activation and migration approach using Okta APIs.

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Acxiom: Security and Remote Access with HR-as-a-Master and MFA/VPN

Pablo Valarezo, Expert Information Security Manager, Acxiom
Maggie Adams, Business Development Manager, Okta

Acxiom serves as the data foundation for the world’s best marketers. Next year, the company turns 50 years old, meaning it has evolved throughout several waves of technology. Okta has enabled its most recent transformation, beginning with the Okta Identity Cloud and extending this through integrations with Workday and F5 Networks, among others. Learn more on how Acxiom leverages Workday-as-a-Master for provisioning and deprovisioning, and Okta’s Adaptive MFA for enhanced security everywhere.

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Who Can It Be Now?... Identity Centric Security

Wayne Hilt, Executive Director, Office of the CISO, Optiv
Stephen Lee, Senior Director, Business Development & Partner Solutions, Okta

Breaches happen because most organizations treat identity management as a “necessary evil” rather than a fundamental, core enabler of an effective security program. Today, security organizations spend the majority of their time and energy preventing, detecting, and responding to intrusions. No matter how the intrusion begins, identity compromise and privilege escalation is a key factor. What if you could reduce the time to detect and mitigate intrusions through intelligent correlation and an integrated control framework? In this session, former CISO and Optiv Executive Director Wayne Hilt explains why an identity-centric approach to security should be top of mind for all CISOs and security organizations, and see it in action with Okta’s Stephen Lee and Optiv technology partners CyberArk, LogRhythm, and Netskope.

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Okta Security Roadmap

Alex Bovee, Director of Product Management, Security, Okta
Sami Laine, Director of Product Marketing, Okta

This session takes a look at the last year Okta, as well as where we’re going in the next 12 months, and our vision for the future. Learn what security features Okta rolled out, take a sneak peek at what we're planning on launching in the coming year, and get a glimpse of our long-term security vision.

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Okta SecOps on Security: Protecting Your Okta Orgs

Cameron Ero, Security Engineer, Okta
Jason Pisani, Information Security Architect, Motorola Solutions

Okta sits at the front door of many organizations, guarding their most sensitive applications, which makes Okta orgs very attractive for attackers. At the same time, this position provides a wealth of data that can be leveraged by security teams to detect future attacks. In this session, Cameron Ero of Okta SecOps provides guidelines on how you can use Okta data to monitor for attacks against your organization. Then, customer guest speaker Jason Pisani of Motorola Solutions Inc. shares how MSI's security team uses identity data in practice.

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