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Introducing... Your Story Inspires, with Corey Rawdon

At Okta, your identity is a big deal. In our new series, Your Story Inspires , we’re sharing the personal and professional journeys of the Okta community, showcasing all our unique experiences, and how each one inspires us. We’ll focus on Oktanauts from all backgrounds, getting their take on navigating...

Customer Identity Landscape: Building Highly Scalable Apps

Today’s customers have higher than ever expectations when it comes to their digital applications. These expectations are driving products to be more sophisticated with increasingly shorter release cycles. A pivotal component when building any customer-facing application is connecting directly to users, and an identity management system that is secure, scalable,...

The Top 5 Benefits Companies Have Seen from Using Okta

To date, there’s no single platform that can deliver all the functionality needed in today’s eclectic digital workplace. Most companies use a mix of suites, sometimes utilizing both cloud and on-premises solutions, to fit their particular needs. It’s a best-of-breed approach, and it requires a solution that can seamlessly integrate...

How Modern Identity Drives IoT Adoption

The IoT (Internet of Things) is made up of three elements:

Things that are embedded with sensors The networks that connect them The systems that process data to or from the things

Today’s IoT verticals include: healthcare, life sciences, smart home, consumer, infrastructure, transport, urban mobility, and industrial...