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Okta continues to grow our presence and compliance in Europe, the EU, and EMEA. With certifications such as EU Safe Harbor and GDPR, Okta is focused on managing consent and privacy management with approaches such as API and developer toolkits.

Okta London Circle: Scaling the Global community of Oktanauts

Throughout the different cultures and geographies of the world, inclusion and belonging have differing interpretations and approaches. So it’s important for Okta to recognize and value these variations while nurturing a global community of Oktanauts. In honor of that ideal, we’ve launched Okta London Circle —to build a stronger glocal...

Driving Digital Transformation in UK Healthcare and Pharma

Healthcare organisations (HCOs) and pharmaceutical companies have not always been first to the chase when it comes to embracing new technologies. However, in the UK this is changing, with a growing realisation that digital platforms can streamline processes, improve collaboration, reduce costs and empower patients. That’s led to an ...

Why I Chose Okta: Securing Our Futures with Identity

When I started working in technology, cloud-based solutions were rarely implemented in France. But in the past decade, the landscape has changed dramatically, and companies have steadily begun taking notice. For the past seven years, I’ve had the opportunity to grow enterprise service management company, ServiceNow’s activities in the French...

By Nicolas Petroussenko, Country Manager, France

Hello, Okta: Taking Advantage of the Nordic Opportunity

Did you know that in the early 2000s, oil production was one of the strongest drivers of economic growth across the Nordics? But lower oil prices in other regions resulted in a need to change focus and technology started to lead the way.

This shift has been driven by...

By Tobias Wahlfrid, Nordic Sales and Channel Manager, Okta in #LifeAtOkta

Celebrating Our New London Office

When we opened our first Okta office in London, nearly three years ago, it was a 100-square-foot room with eight desks. But times they are a changin’. We recently moved into our brand new office in the centre of London, which seats up to 100 people — a clear...