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Single Sign-on

Juggling multiple login credentials isn’t just a chore for end users; with the amount of cumbersome password resets they must facilitate, IT suffers, too. SSO simplifies the process from both sides, giving users a single point of access and self-service rest options, and Okta’s take is one of the best. Here’s why.

A Leading Identity Conference: What to Expect at Oktane20

You know it, we know it: identity is top-of-mind for organizations all over the world. As our networks of employees, partners, and customers continue to evolve, managing and securing their identities is vital. At the same time, it’s important to actively appreciate the individual people who collaborate every day...

The Importance of SSO in Enterprise IAM

In today’s identity management climate, single sign-on (SSO) capability is critical to the success of enterprise identity and access management (IAM). IT departments face growing demands: managing thousands of users, both internal and external, who each need access to an increasing number of cloud-based applications. Adding to this complexity...