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Universal Directory

One place to manage all your users, groups and devices. That’s what Universal Directory offers: huge time and effort savings. For a business world increasingly concerned with authentication and identity management, the tool offers a transformative approach to cumbersome directory challenges. Find out more.

What Is a Data Breach?

A data breach happens when cybercriminals gain unauthorized access to a system or network, allowing them to search for sensitive data pertaining to a business and its customers, and using it to extract some form of illegal value. Attackers might sell this data on the dark web, directly...

Customer Stories: How Two Companies Retired Active Directory

More than ever, today’s businesses are looking for technology that’s remote ready, cost-effective, and competitive. And as legacy solutions fail to meet these expectations, many companies are exploring modern alternatives that enhance agility, productivity, and security.

This is particularly true with Active Directory (AD), Microsoft’s 20-year-old directory...

The Production Line: The LDAP Interface

For our third edition of The Production Line , we’re looking at something old, made new again with the LDAP Interface . In essence, it’s a hybrid IT game changer. If this sounds like hyperbole, note this customer quote: “[with the LDAP interface] we could...