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Universal Directory

One place to manage all your users, groups and devices. That’s what Universal Directory offers: huge time and effort savings. For a business world increasingly concerned with authentication and identity management, the tool offers a transformative approach to cumbersome directory challenges. Find out more.

Managing the Risks of Contract ​Employee Onboarding

As a growing company, you have part-time employees, seasonal interns, partners, and contractors who all require access to your corporate apps and data. With these users coming and going at different times, and potentially spread across different departments and geographies, it’s easy to lose track of permissions and whose access...

Case Study: Don’t Let Active Directory Hold Back your Modern Access Strategy

Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) has been a cornerstone for authentication in enterprise-grade systems for years, responsible for features such as SSO and storing sensitive login data. However, the past two decades have seen more enterprises shift from legacy on-prem infrastructure to best-in-class SaaS applications, requiring them to reevaluate their...

How Massdrop Solved its Identity Crisis with Okta

Like all start-ups, Massdrop started small. Really small. A-bunch-of-Canadian-guys-working-out-of-a-house small. But their concept was huge, and it didn’t take long for Massdrop’s e-commerce site to take off. That success isn’t surprising, since the idea behind the retail site is truly innovative—it allows individuals to join interest-based communities...