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Putting the 8 Principles of Infrastructure Access into Practise

IT and security teams want to protect sensitive data and systems from online threats to preserve both the bottom line and their organisation’s reputation. This means securing access to cloud and on-prem infrastructure. But legacy techniques have largely failed users and IT administrators in this regard—it’s time for a modern...

By Annie Deng

When to Retire the Monolith: Is a Move to Microservices in Your Future?

We’ve seen monumental changes in personal computing over the past few decades. The more sophisticated a device becomes, the more compact its design and the more advanced its capabilities. Take mobile phones: their first iterations were cumbersome and slow compared to the sleek, fast smartphones we now carry in...

Busting Myths: What is Single Sign-On?

Like almost everyone in the working world, I have a username and password for my work email and my personal email. And like anyone who runs social media for a tech company, I also regularly cheque Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts throughout the day - but on both...