Collaborate with Partners

Because work doesn't stop with your workforce

Make partnerships productive

Teams across your organization work hard to build partnerships, but cumbersome processes and systems can stand in the way of collaboration.


Reduce IT complexity

While partners help your organization grow, introducing new, dynamic user types create complexities for IT teams.

Prevent data breaches

Eliminate security vulnerabilities

Over allocating access to resources for partners and allowing access to linger exposes critical systems to unnecessary security risks.

Provide a seamless experience

Federate with third party providers, allowing partners to access your resources with their existing credentials.


Encourage collaboration

Optimize end-user experience by providing immediate access to the right resources via a personalized and secure portal.


Okta helps organizations make the most of their partnerships by removing the associated logistics and risks that typically come with expanding work beyond the walls of an organization.

Automate partner lifecycle

Centralize user management and automate provisioning for partner identities to relieve administrative demands on IT.


Tighten security

Maintain total control of factors, identity, applications, and resources and automate deprovisioning to prevent lingering access.