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What is SAML?

From CRMs for salespeople to invoice systems for accountants, the proliferation of SaaS web apps has made life easier for many employees. However, even the adoption of the most productivity-enhancing apps can lead to unintended inefficiencies and risks. These can range from frequent “I forgot my password” calls that inundate...

Celebrating Our New London Office

When we opened our first Okta office in London, nearly three years ago, it was a 100-square-foot room with eight desks. But times they are a changin’. We recently moved into our brand new office in the centre of London, which seats up to 100 people — a clear...

Building our Business Value: A Day in the Life of Jiong Liu

For most of us at Okta, it’s easy to put into words “why Okta”. Jiong Liu, Okta’s senior product marketing manager of business value, puts “why Okta” into numbers. Focusing on ROI and quantifiable results, Jiong tells the story of how Okta’s solutions lead to positive business outcomes for...