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Let’s Get Down to Business!

In today’s hyper-connected enterprise, apps and services are growing to support all work cultures. The modern enterprise movement is underpinned by cloud adoption and the maturation of mobile platforms.

At Okta, we have the unique ability to see what’s happening in the cloud, and we’re excited today to...

Initiative Drives Success: A Day in the Life of Simi Hundal

The technology industry, specifically Silicon Valley, is a fast-paced environment where the minute you get complacent is the moment opportunity passes. Simi Hundal, Director of Field Sales for the West, understands the mentality needed to be successful in this industry and that understanding has sparked not only her career...

4 Tips to Make Security Compliance Not Suck

Do you trust your employees? You should! After all, they are your first line of defense. We can have all the fancy tools, but without employee support, we’re going to lose every time against the conniving hackers and phishing scams out there.

Security compliance training is the best...

Okta’s EKO Empowers Engineers in 2016

Engineering is at the core of what we do at Okta each day — always focusing on customer success by delivering new functionality to make our customers successful. The members of the engineering team are on the front line in building great products and shaping the enhancements made to each...