Modernize Infrastructure

Modern identity infrastructure from ground to cloud

As organizations continue to move into the cloud, they face significant technical debt as they attempt to migrate away from burdensome legacy systems.

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Retire legacy identity

Reduce legacy infrastructure by extending core Okta Identity & Access Management to your customers, partners, APIs, and servers

Accelerate development

Rapidly scale app development

Reduce the complexity and custom code required to extend identity to agile, cloud based development

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Easily manage a hybrid cloud model

One identity layer for modern web and mobile apps, as well as legacy on prem apps

Modernize identity

Abstract identity away from siloed data stores into a single unified layer built for the cloud. Seamlessly connect on prem apps to modern cloud identity service. Extend core Okta Identity & Access to your Linux and Windows servers.


Refactor for cloud native

Modernize identity today and lay the foundation for a complete migration away from legacy infrastructure tomorrow. Minimize on-prem infrastructure and lower ongoing server update and patch management overhead.


Accelerate your migration to modern infrastructure with the help of thought leaders with years of experience supporting digital transformation initiatives.

Accelerate development

Enable modern, agile development that is secure out of the box. Enhance developer efficiency with pre-built code samples, SDKs, widgets, and developer support. Seamlessly integrate to downstream services with hooks and workflows.


Integrate portals

Provide seamless and secure federated access to partners and customer portals with out of the box support for SAML and OIDC. Manage on-boarding and offboarding from single pane of glass.


of IT budgets are consumed by operating, maintaining and managing existing systems and workloads*