digital transformation

In today’s business environment, every company has become a technology company. Whether you’re using apps and services from other companies to complement your digital strategy, or developing new tools in house, digital transformation is the key to an evolving business.

Reflecting on 2016

In 2016, we heard resoundingly from you — our customers — that you’re responsible for leading disruptive change within your businesses. You’re unifying your organizations, building closer relationships with your customers and partners, dreaming up brand new products and rethinking your businesses models with technology. Your missions and work are…

5 Thoughts on How Identity Management Can Accelerate Digital Transformation

Enterprises are increasingly turning to digital transformation to make employees more productive and deliver new experiences to customers, however applying legacy technology for these use cases often takes too long. According to our most recent research with IDG, this balancing act can be difficult to scale. In the study, we asked IT leaders to…