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The Evolution of HR + IT Teams in the Extended Enterprise

The TL;DR:

As HR has morphed into a more technology-based function, it’s quickly becoming reliant on a strong IT foundation. Simultaneously, IT needs the support of HR to sharpen its operations and security processes. Forward thinking organizations need both teams working together to implement technologies that keep...

2018 in Review: Bringing Identity Mainstream

In 2018, identity became more important than ever before. Innovation raced ahead, but privacy concerns and mistrust in the technology industry also mounted. These shifts raised new questions about how we define our identities, who will own them, and how we can protect them.

Because of this,...

Pass It On: How Okta for Good Empowers Nonprofits

They say December is the season of giving—but for nonprofit organizations, generosity isn’t limited to a single holiday. These groups strive year-round to help communities in need, raise awareness, and inspire action.

However, with financial constraints and limited resources, many nonprofits struggle to adopt modern IT solutions....


At Okta, we are highly invested in the latest ideas and practices around authentication and security—and that requires some myth busting. This blog is the third in a series of posts meant to tackle common misunderstandings and myths around single sign-on . See below for our ...

How Adaptive MFA Helps with Mitigating Brute-Force Attacks

Before public cloud services, computing infrastructure was expensive, hosted on-premises, and reserved for big enterprises and universities. Now, anyone with a credit card can access an unlimited supply of cloud apps and computing power.

While cloud services offer many benefits, the accessibility of the cloud has also made identity...