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Mobile Apps: Why Legacy WAM Can’t Protect them

In recent years, there’s been an explosion of mobile apps for consumers. With this paradigm shift away from on-premises apps, legacy Web Access Management (WAM) solutions are failing to support customer applications outside the traditional firewall perimeter.

Read on to learn exactly what WAM is, and why its architecture...

What to Look Forward to at Oktane19

Attendees from 36 countries. 3.4K social media posts. 72 customer speakers. 7 product announcements. These are just some of the highlights from last year’s Oktane conference in Las Vegas. This year, we’ve brought Oktane home to San Francisco, where we will host thousands of industry leaders from April 1-4...

The Top 5 Benefits Companies Have Seen from Using Okta

To date, there’s no single platform that can deliver all the functionality needed in today’s eclectic digital workplace. Most companies use a mix of suites, sometimes utilizing both cloud and on-premises solutions, to fit their particular needs. It’s a best-of-breed approach, and it requires a solution that can seamlessly integrate...