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How Okta + AWS SSO Simplifies Admin and Adds CLI Support

Millions of users across an array of enterprises depend on the cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the seamless convenience of Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) to power their web and mobile platforms. The demand for cloud-enabled identity and access management (IAM) has exploded across the business...

Mapping the Journey to Universal Directory

Over the last couple of decades, companies have become accustomed to safely managing their users, groups, devices, and resources within the corporate network. Using enterprise directories, they have been able to define singular access policies that determine how employees and customers can access the apps and resources they need....

MFA Trends: The Impact of COVID19

The COVID pandemic has changed how we do many things. In the workplace, it’s pushed us to take a deeper look at how we enable employees to work remotely—and to ensure that they can do it securely.

But what does that actually look like? According to our recent ...