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Listen Now: YOU the People

Does government understand technology? Does technology understand government? In the fourth episode of YOU, a new podcast presented by Okta, host Claire Evans explores what it takes for a government – and its people – to embrace the technological future.

Digital Citizenship Blossoms in Estonia ...

Private YOU: The Blockchain Episode

YOU, the new podcast presented by Okta, is all about exploring the intersection of technology, humanity and identity. Is there any topic more intersectional of these elements, then, than blockchain? In this third episode , “Blockchain: The Private YOU,” host Claire Evans dives into blockchain, and we’ll hear...

How Okta Lifecycle Management Can Help with Audit and Compliance

At Okta, we run compliance differently. Most organizations place compliance under either the legal or finance team, who don’t work with their security team to ensure those controls are implemented effectively. At Okta, we use security to drive compliance.

Compliance is complex and regulations are a moving target, with...