Uncommonly human identity management for Linde Group


ROI on Okta Enterprise Edition investment


ROI from incremental hard cost savings alone

Okta provides Linde Group with application integration ease, expert trouble-shooting advice, and strong customer support. Linde Group realizes significant IT savings, end-user productivity and security benefits with Okta.

The Situation

Several years ago, Linde Group explored identity management solutions to address two key issues: (1) single sign-on for employees and (2) standardization across internal tools. They selected an Okta competitor that seemed to fit their needs. But over time, it was clear this solution was not a fit. Linde Group was unable to integrate certain applications with this solution and customer support was lackluster.

The Solution

Ultimately, Linde Group’s dissatisfaction motivated the company to investigate alternative solutions, specifically Okta. With Okta, Linde Group has reduced IT costs, improved end-user productivity and secured its environment. Gage Beauchemin, Enterprise Services Manager at Linde Group says, "Okta solved our problems in a very elegant way. The ease of use, the ease of understanding, the richness of the data that Okta gives back when it isn’t working so that we can quickly resolve the problems…we really like that.”

The ROI of Linde Group’s Investment in Okta

Okta has enabled Linde Group to shift provisioning and deprovisioning responsibilities from its IT Manager to a more junior employee. Okta SSO has nearly eliminated end-user password reset requests. Linde Group has also saved a significant amount of time with Okta’s customer support resources and the ease of integrating 3rd party apps with Okta.

Okta SSO has reduced the time Linde Group employees spend being locked out of applications. Okta increases employee adoption of new enterprise-critical applications.

Okta reduces Linde Group’s risk of a security breach with multi-factor authentication. Okta’s reporting tools give Linde Group a quick snapshot of their end-user environment, helping the business become compliant more quickly and easily.

Linde Group is realizing an ROI of more than 400% with Okta's Enterprise Edition; the payback period on this investment was immediate.