Pitney Bowes Secures its APIs and Protects Against Data Breaches with Okta


countries where transactions are facilitated by Pitney Bowes


in-house API developers maximizing efficiency with Okta


of APIs managed through Okta integration partner Apigee

“Before Okta, it would take us a few days to integrate and expose APIs. Now it only takes a few hours.”

Henry Rogando, Principal Software Architect


  • Reliable, scalable cloud infrastructure that enables accelerated growth
  • Protection against data breaches for 100% of APIs
  • Complete standard-compliant support for OAuth 2.0
  • Centralized identity and access management
  • Fast, frictionless integrations with 6,000+ vendors

About Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is a global technology company providing commerce solutions that power billions of transactions. Over a million clients around the world, including 90% of the Fortune 500, rely on the accuracy and precision of Pitney Bowes’ solutions, analytics, and APIs.

For a century, Pitney Bowes has been innovating and delivering technologies that remove the complexity from commerce transactions. The company’s 14,000 employees around the globe relentlessly pursue innovation with over 2,300 active patents and a focus on clients.

Business Situation

Pitney Bowes has been developing APIs for nearly a decade to help solve commerce problems in an increasingly complex world. The company initially ran its APIs on-premises, but that became costly and time consuming.

“Our infrastructure was a big, iron ship—agility and speed weren’t its strong points,” says Kenn Bryant, Director of Architecture and SaaS Services at Pitney Bowes.

Pitney Bowes was using OAuth for web service authorization prior to implementing Okta, however, the company faced challenges with integrations. As part of its digital transformation efforts, Pitney Bowes decided to migrate to the cloud and integrate its API gateway into its overall identity and access management (IAM) strategy. The organization needed an expert partner that could facilitate a smooth migration to the cloud, as well as provide stability and broad customer and partner access to its APIs.


Pitney Bowes was impressed with Okta’s integration capabilities, knowledge of OAuth 2.0 best practices, and ability to handle complex authentication flows. The company decided to purchase Okta’s API Access Management solution, which enabled a frictionless integration with its API management partner, Apigee.

Now, Pitney Bowes’ small development team can focus its efforts on user experience, rather than writing code and securing enterprise data. “Before Okta, it would take us a few days to integrate and expose APIs. Now it only takes a few hours,” says Henry Rogando, Principal Software Architect. The company can easily administer APIs and manage user access from a centralized location to deliver a secure, unified set of shared services for developers.

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