RentPath identities find a new home in the cloud


ROI on Okta investment


per year in IT Savings

We were maintaining LDAP and providing a little too much support and not enough support at the same time. We were using our own resources, but never enough to get the level of functionality that we were interested in.

Dan Morris Sr. Director of Architecture and Engineering

RentPath, a leading digital media company, builds upon its success and long-standing heritage in the real estate industry to empower millions of people nationwide to find apartments, houses for rent and new homes for sale.

The Situation

RentPath acquires real-estate-focused sites, and then integrates them together to provide one centralized interface for advertisers who want to manage placements across all of RentPath's inventory. RentPath deployed an LDAP server to consolidate advertiser identities and to provide authentication for administration interfaces.

The Solution

RentPath decided to migrate authentication and single sign-on to the Okta Identity Platform. Customer identities are now stored centrally in the Okta Cloud Directory, and the user lifecycle and authentication is handled entirely via API. This approach allows RentPath full control of the UI. Customers use just one username, one password, and one session to access a series of otherwise disparate services including listings management and support tools.

“Using Okta, we were able to allow for a very seamless transition from that legacy system. We gained a security platform that was growing and evolving with the SaaS model for authentication. We are aligning with the Okta roadmap which has been solid,” said Morris.

“If we're engineering the security layer, then we're focusing less time on the thing that differentiates us as a provider of services,” said Morris. “The fact that I really haven't had to worry about Okta either from a development or operational standpoint is one of the best testaments that I can give toward its value. If you're dealing with a security system, the highest praise you can give it is that you don't have any concerns.”

The ROI of RentPath’s Investment in Okta

RentPath is realizing more than $230k per year in IT Savings with Okta’s Identity Platform.Okta’s user store has replaced the LDAP server RentPath was previously using. (RentPath was spending more than 100 hours each year synchronizing and maintaining this server.) Today, RentPath has one highly available system of record in Okta.

Okta has eliminated the time its IT admins were spending on annual connector maintenance (~30 hours per application per year). RentPath has seen a significant decrease in its development costs, and the Company saves $15k (~1.5 months of an IT admins time) in service operations savings with Okta.

Okta’s platform has also improved RentPath’s end-user productivity and overall security. With Okta, RentPath customers are adopting new applications much more quickly, and the risk of a security breach is significantly reduced.

RentPath is realizing an ROI of more than 650% with Okta. The payback period on this investment was immediate.